Thursday, December 15, 2011

Reverb Broads 2011 Prompts

Here's a list of all the prompts and prompters so far for 2011. We'll keep updating until we have the full month of December listed!

December 1, 2011
If the you of today could go back in time and give advice to any of the previous yous, which age would you visit and what would you tell them?

December 2, 2011
What is the stupidest thing you did this year? What about in your whole life? You can take stupid to mean: embarrassing, dangerous, funny, lame, whatever you consider "stupid."

December 3, 2011
How did you become more of a grown-up this year? Or did you pull a Peter Pan and stubbornly remain childlike?

December 4, 2011
In the movie version of your life, which actor/actress would play you and the significant players in your life? What kind of movie is it (e.g., made-for-TV, action, emo/indie, etc.)? What would be the major plot points, and how will it end?

December 5, 2011
What is the one thing you finally did this year that you always wanted or said you were going to do, but in your heart of hearts never thought you would actually do?

December 6, 2011
List 10 things you would never do.

December 7, 2011
Who or what makes you laugh so hard that milk shoots out of your nose and why? Slapstick, dry witty comedy, your kids, Monty Python?

December 8, 2011
Why blog? Why do you or why do you like to blog (recognizing that these are not always the same thing)?

December 9, 2011
What was your favorite children's book?

December 10, 2011
What is the best and/or worst thing about your life right now?

December 11, 2011
How are you like your mother? And if you're a mother, how is/are your kid(s) like you?

December 12, 2011
Name and explain the one guilty pleasure you can't live without.  ie: that cupcake shop you visit weekly, a book you repeatedly read to find solace in, etc).  Then explore the idea of how you would feel if you gave that thing up for a year.

December 13, 2011
What are three things you are better at than most people

December 14, 2011
Is volunteering something you do regularly? If yes where do you volunteer? If not, why not?

December 15, 2011
Did you taste any new flavors this year? Did you love or hate them or something in between? Will you incorporate these new flavors into your life?

December 16, 2011
What are your biggest pet peeves?

December 17, 2011
Instead of a list of your favorite things, write a list of your least favorite things, e.g. Worst book you ever finished, the color you hate, bad songs, bad romances, bad recipes.

December 18, 2011
Who would you most like to meet and why?

December 19, 2011
Self-Portrait: Post a picture of you that you like, write about yourself, post a video - what do you want your self-portrait to say about you?

December 20, 2011
Life is a work of art, or so they say.  What beauty do you regularly appreciate/revere in your life?

December 21, 2011
If you returned (or went, if you've never been) to college to study anything you want, what would you major in, and why?

December 22, 2011
If someone made a board game of your life, what would it look like? What pieces would you need to play?

December 23, 2011
If you could have any job, what would it be?

December 24, 2011
Name your top 5 best holiday gifts given or received. Who gave it to you? Who were you giving it to? Why was it memorable?

December 25, 2011
Silent Sunday - Just post a picture that represents your day.

December 26, 2011
Write about the things you collect, include photos, tell why these items are cherished by you.

December 27, 2011
What does your office/home/bedroom tell others about you?

December 28, 2011
Do you consider yourself a romantic person? Do you prefer fancy dinners, roses and chocolate romantic, or are you more non-traditional? What's the most romantic thing you have ever done for a loved one or had done for you?

December 29, 2011
What was the soundtrack of your year? Of your life? Which songs most strongly represent the various eras of your life? What songs were playing for the most crucial, formative moments of your life? Or, if the chronological approach doesn't work for you, which songs best capture the different facets of your life? (Childhood, Love Life, Adulthood, Loss, Growth, Career, Happiness, Sadness, etc.)  Please elaborate.

December 30, 2011
If you could go on a trip regardless of cost, where would you go and what would you see?

December 31, 2011
What is your "one word"? One word for this year, one word for next year.