Sunday, December 16, 2012

Prompts - Round 3

Sorry I'm late getting the prompts up this go-round. I promise I'll be more prompt in the future (see what I did there? With the "prompts" and the "prompt"? Yeah, my humor is so under-appreciated...). Happy blogging, Broads!

Prompt 11 - In these dark, dreary, depressing December days, what do you do to enliven yourself? (prompt by Amy)

Prompt 12 - If you had to describe yourself in six words only, what would they be? (prompt by Laurie)

Prompt 13 - What traditions do you and your family have? (prompt by Kristen)

Prompt 14 - Do you remember a "Best (or Worst) Christmas Pageant Ever"? (prompt by Mary)

Prompt 15 - If you could change careers, what would you do instead? (prompt by Kate)

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